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Eike Kulessa
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# Webdesign Berlin -

Customer orientated web design has the task to get in touch with the highest rate of clients, to mediate the individual aim of the authority.
To get that standard we attach great importance beside optical design on usability and accessibility. That means that we consider Web Standards (quality of code, separation between content and presentation, accessibility, usability) made by the W3C and others to get the best value for users, clients and yourself.

# Vantages with Web Standards

With Web Standards the content of web sites in the WWW is better reachable. Vantages for example are:

  • accessibility (in the sence of BTIV)
  • less data tranfer because of lean and clean code (hosting costs)
  • including better performance
  • better ranking within searching results
  • higher compatibility
  • extensibility (life time), to serve the pages is more simple
  • independence of hardware like monitor, printer etc.
  • enhanced usability


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